Our Customer Reviews


Here is a collection of reviews straight from our clients.

Takes the time to do it right

This group did an excellent job on our roofing project. They took the time to show me hands on samples of the products he would be using and had excellent communication throughout the completion of the work. I recommend this team and product to everyone I meet with a commercial roof.

Matt Duffy

Very professional at what they do

Very professional at what they do, and great prices for the high quality of service they provide.

Bradley Hodges

Highly recommended

Very fast to respond while offering a variety of systems to fix our commercial roofing needs.

Dillon Stevens

Promise kept

Erik can be trusted to do what he says he will do. He has proven that time and again, take it to the bank!

Sam Troyer

Very Dependable

No matter what type of roof you have they can do it and will do a top quality job with top quality products.

Pete miller

Anyone looking for a company

Anyone looking for a company to go with I would like to recommend omega! They took care of me and they will take care of you!

Tyler kirkman

Honest and reliable

He got the job done right! Very honest and he did a great job . Great personality.

Barbara Hostetler

Omega Roofing does great work

Omega Roofing does great work.
They are honest and they do what they say they will do. They also have great prices. I advise anyone to call them for your roofing needs.

Paul Yoder