A Storm Blew Away 25% of my Roof Last Night. oof!

 When you decide to reseal or redo your roof you want to make sure you are totally covered in the event of a natural disaster. We have all been there, you get a new roof and you think your all set, but all of the sudden a storm rears its ugly head and tears your roof right off.

 And guess what, you forgot to put insurance on your roof, or you did but your insurance company finds some kind of loophole and you are in trouble. So you look at the last thing you got and that's your warranty, but it has expired, that's a bad deal man.

 The good news (for some people) is is if you had a Conklin roofing system you would have not had to worry about this because the Conklin roofing systems have an 18 year non pro-rated warranty.

What To Do To Prepare Yourself for a storm

 Remove any debris from your area

 If you life in a hurricane rich environment the first thing to do would be to walk around your property and remove any trees that could potentially be uprooted and smashed into your roof.

 An example of things you want to remove from your property are dead trees any limps on trees that seem overly large and trash like ovens and dryers and especially any tree that are hanging over your roof.

Continue your daily or monthly maintenance plan

 The second thing you can do is make sure you keep up your maintenance program because if you keep your entire roof strong you roof will be able to protect itself against the elements.

 If you don't have a maintenance plan please consider getting you because if you don't you will not be ready for a natural disaster and therefor will have to spend a lot more money when it comes down to it.

Stay in Connection with insurance and warranty providers

 The third thing you can do is call you insurance company and make sure that if a hurricane or something hit the area where your business is, they would have it covered. And if not, maybe its time to find another insurance company.

 You also want to call whoever put your roof in and ask them to see if they will cover you in the event that your roof gets torn off. After you have done these three things 

About The Conklin Roofing Systems

 Back in 1977, Conklin invented acrylic roof coatings which offer greater energy saving properties then the competition by 80%. Since 1977 many have entered the acrylic roof coating race but none offer the superior durability and top notch warranties then the original conklin.

 Conklin offers five different types of roofing systems: commercial metal, single-ply, spray foam, fabric reinforced, and membrane.

 Each system has its advantages and disadvantages and each one is equally as good and beneficial as the last. So if your roof is in bad shape consider calling Omega Commercial Roofing for one of the famous Conklin roofing systems.

 If you decide to hire a commercial roofing company you won't have to make any decisions because all the roofer has to do is look at your roof and tell you what your need.

18 Year Non Pro-rated Warranty

 I would say the number one thing that Conklin has going for them is the fact that they have the best warranties i have ever seen. An 18 year non-pro-rated warranty is a rare one in the commercial roofing industry.

 If you don't know what a non pro-rated warranty is i will explain. A non pro-rated warranty is a warranty that covers all of the problems in the warranty period and ensure that you do not have to pay anything for the guys to come out and fix it.

 However if you choose not to hire a Conklin preferred contractor and they have a pro-rated warranty if anything goes wrong with your roof you may have to pay some of it.

 Which one sounds better to you? would you rather pay money or sit back and watch people work.


 Today I tried to tell you how to prevent a natural disaster from stopping your business from producing its products.

 And the reason it would stop your progress is because your roof would be gone or at least some of it. I mean have you tried to work in a building without a roof?

 The only problem is is that whatever you do, you are not going to be able to stop a hurricane from tearing your roof off. So the only thing you can do is cover your butt.

 And by saying that I mean you want to make sure you have it ensured so that if something happens all you have to do is turn to your insurance company.

 Because insurance companies are so trustworthy.

 Basically the only thing that works 1000% of the time is if you hire a roofing contractor that has great warranties like Omega Commercial Roofing.

 Do you guys know anybody who got financially drained to get a roof because of a storm?

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