Metal Roof Restoration In Kentucky

why did you click on this post? Think about it, you must be in a predicament your products are getting wet and you have to constantly throw away inventory because it is damaged, right?

 Or your roof is getting old and starting to leak but you do not want to tear off your roof and put on another because that will stop production for months and that is very counter productive. 

 This was the same problem that the customer had who i am going to talk about in a few minutes but they were lucky enough to find Omega Commercial Roofing before it was to late, and they saved them from spending an absurd amount of money.

 40 years ago Conklin made acrylic coatings which are coatings that can be used to reseal your roof so that you don't have to tear off and put on another roof, that is how the business owner was able to save his roof.

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 Metal Roofing Project

 A few months ago Omega Commercial Roofing got a call from a business owner who had trouble keeping him and his products dry so the solution was the Conklin acrylic coatings so as fast as they could Omega Commercial Roofing started on the mental roof restoration process.

 I will explain this process step-by-step starting with the cleaning phase and ending with the finished product.

 P.S. The first couple pictures are NOT from the project the last two are

 Step 1: Cleaning

 The first step in the metal roofing system application is to clean your roof with Rust-off to make sure that the following coats will stick to the surface of the roof. It is just like when you apply glue or duck tape to something you have to make sure it is dry and clean in order for it to work.

 Step 2: Spray Roof With Encase Metal Primer

 The next step is to prime your roof with a primer that will help make your final roof coat stick to your roof. In addition to this the encase metal primer is able to dry really fast, in about a time of two to three hours.

 Step:3 Kwik Kaulk All Fastener Heads

 The third step in the conklin metal restoration process is to take kwik kaulk and cover the fastener heads so no water leaks in. Kwik kaulk is a latex caulking ideal for filling holes and cracks around joints, and the material is also very flexible allowing it to flex in the cold temperatures.

 Step:4 Seal Existing Seams With Spunflex or Butyl tape and base coat

Next is to cover the vertical and horizontal seams with butyl tape or spunflex fabric and then spray a coat of the base coat to ensure there will not be any leaks for a very long time.

 Step:5 Seal Roof With One of our Approved Acrylic Coatings

 The final step is to spray your roof with one of the four roof coatings (that i will talk about later) approved by conklin. The final coat of the metal roofing system has the ability to reflect 85% of the sun's rays which will save you money in air conditioning costs.

 Four Best Roof Coatings


 Benchmark is the ultimate combination of flexibility and strength, this product is the cheapest of the four but it does not lessen the value of the product, it earns the energy star rating and has an 85% reflection value.

 Rapid Roof iii

 Rapid roof iii is the most used roof coating in the conklin lineup, the rapid roof has proven itself with over 40 years of trouble free service. This roof coating also comes in various colors and they all are energy star approved.

 Rapid Roof HV

 This high value coating delivers the same flexibility and durability as all the coatings but this one is cheaper because i doesn't have costly code approvals and fire ratings. And it still reflects 82% of the sun and still saves you money.

 Puma XL

 Puma xl is a great roof coating because it can be applied to a large quantity of substrates and this coating provides the ability to have versatile strength and flexibility at the same time. With an 18 year warranty under its belt Puma xl truly is the best in the business.

 These are the four roof top coats and each one is very strong and flexible, conklin did this because they wanted to make roof coatings that would flex with the cold weather so your roof would be able to last a great deal longer, so if you are having trouble keeping you and your products dry give Omega Commercial Roofing a call to reseal your roof.

 Five Best Roof Recoating Systems

 The five roofing systems listed below are all the various roofing systems Conklin offers.


 The metal roofing system is designed to stop leaks and rust in their tracks. This is the go to roofing system if your roof is located in a harsh weather area because some of these roofs have withstood 140mph winds and baseball size hail.

 Spray Foam

 If your roof does not have a good amount of insulation then spray foam would be a good choice because this roofing system doubles as a roof restoration system and an insulation system. 

 Fabric Reinforced

 Fabric reinforced roofing is a system in which a tough flexible fabric is embedded and one of Conklin's seamless acrylic coatings seals your roof for years to come. This roofing system also substantially increases the energy efficiency of the building leaving you with lower utility costs. 


 The single-ply system is a good choice if your business is in an area that has bitter temperatures because the single-ply membrane roll are unrolled and welded together to form an incredibly durable roof coating.


 TPO and other membranes can crack and pick up dirt and Conklin wanted a solution to this problem so they came up with their membrane coating system that provides a cost effective solution to your membrane roofing problem.

 Here is the end of the blog post! Congratulations you have incredible perseverance! Now i'm going to sound like a salesman again. If you found any of the information listed above helpful please leave a comment down below.

 If you were intrigued by anything listed above please give us a call and we will answer any questions you may have, or if you are calling to get your roof restored we will do so as fast as possible.

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